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My Post about 12 tips to help this WOL from StellaStyle

I'm going to edit my "about me" to include my reasoning for starting this WOL here on my blog, but I thought I'd share this from 2006 that I wrote on  Maybe you will understand how and why I do this way of life. Granted, I'm not perfect, and sometimes I still eat bad stuff, and I pay for it, believe me!  But I give it my best shot.  A lot of times I have too much of the "good stuff" too.  But instead of focusing on my weight, I'm trying to focus on my health.   Hope you enjoy the read:

Ever had to re-read your own advice? Well I do!!! And I thought I'd start a thread for everyone to add their own advice too. Feel free to add to this sticky with your own good advice! 

12 Tips to help in this WOL 
Wednesday November 29, 2006, 14:24 
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Here is some advice that I like to give anyone who asks: 

#1 Added, so change the total! LOL 

Go to the home page here at and print out everything!!! There is so much advice here from EXPERTS (ie: the Stella Family) that is completely unbelievable. How can you say that this WOL doesn't work when you see a family of four have such success, and maintaining it for so many years!!!!! 

1. Buy both of George's cookbooks, and read the first 30 pages of each several times. Get the DVD's. You will be so glad you did. Get the On-Demand. What an education, and it's FUN too!!!!. Buy the Atkins New Diet Revolution book. READ IT. These books will be the best investment you could make. 
2. Drink lots of water. Some people say the rule of thumb for water is one ounce for every two pounds of weight, per day. Example: if you weight 200 pounds, you should have 100 ounces of water per day. I know it sounds like a lot, but if you really devote yourself to low carb living, it won’t be hard, I promise. But at least drink 64 ounces a day minimum. If you watch the DVD's and the On-Demand, George says he is never without a bottle of water! ME TOO!!!! 
3. I think this point is important too. Make sure you measure yourself when you start. I didn’t and I wish I had. You will find that there are times when the scales don’t move, but you will still be losing inches. That is my one big regret, that I didn’t take my measurements. I think in the beginning, I was afraid to know! Take pictures regularly too. It really helps to “see” your progress. 
4. Eat either three regular-size meals a day or four or five smaller meals. Do not skip meals or go more than six waking hours without eating. 
5. Commit yourself to “just two weeks”. Anyone can do anything for just two weeks. Then you will feel so good, you won’t want to go back to the old ways! 
6. The first few days you might not feel very good. Your body is ridding itself of the toxic carbohydrates you have stored. Just make sure you drink plenty of water, eat regularly, and remember that you will feel much better soon! 
7. Keep acceptable foods available. I almost always have cheese, boiled eggs, lunchmeat, salad, tuna or chicken salad, pepperoni slices, and various other things ready to eat in my fridge. This will help you stay on track, I promise. 
8. Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage you on your journey. If you aren’t getting the encouragement you need, try joining an on-line e-mail group. There are lots of them out there. You have already found the best "home" there is for a LC lifestyle! Come back daily for inspiration and a ton of knowledge!!! 
9. Rid your home of all the bad stuff. If it’s not possible, make sure you have your own place for your stuff. The first month, I made my youngest son hide all his snacks in his room. Now I’m not even tempted. 
10. Reward yourself! But don’t use food as a reward. Get your nails done, slip off for a nice bubble bath, read a good book. I have an internet friend who had a lot to lose, and she buys herself a charm for a charm necklace for every 10 lbs she loses. She is getting ready to buy her 11th charm! She has been an incredible inspiration to me. 
11. Take a good multiple vitamin. Make sure it isn’t full of fillers and starch. Later on your journey, you might find you have to add other supplements to your day. The book covers that better than I can. I’m struggling to get my vitamins every day, cause I just hate to take pills, but I’m trying! 
12. Try to remember, nothing tastes as good as thin feels. I have this posted all around my house. Take pictures too. I have my "before" picture posted everywhere! I'm so sick of seeing me, I can't stand it! LOL

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