Monday, August 12, 2013

No Sugar Added Jam Ala Dinah

SURPRISE!!!!!  I know, I know, I haven't blogged in a really long time.  But I haven't had anything to really share till now.  Been making sugar free jams with fresh fruit.  I started playing with this several weeks ago when I had some fresh cherries that needed to either be eaten or used, so I decided to play with some jam.  I was just tinkering in the kitchen and cooking by sight, not measurements and by golly it came out really good!  So now when I find a good price on either fresh or frozen fruit I try new flavors.  

Yesterday I made some SF/GF Blueberry muffins and had blueberries left over, and a few in the freezer, so I made jam!  It was fantastic for breakfast this morning with my muffin.... so good that my boss wanted me to write down the recipe, so thought I'd share.

Let me know what you think! hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Sugar Free Jam ala Dingbat Dinah

About 4 cups of fruit  (I fill up my chef’s pot about ½ to ¾ full)
About 1 cup Water (or supplement SF syrup in a complimentary flavor)
1 pkg Knox Gelatin (or SF Jello in a complimentary flavor about ½ a small package)
About 2 tblsp lemon juice (I keep the frozen Minute Maid kind in the fridge)

Put the liquids with the fruit and put it on the stove on low to medium low for at least an hour. You want it to barely simmer and cook down the fruit and reduce by about 1/3.
Taste some of it and adjust the sweetener with splenda or whey low to your liking.
While it’s hot, add the gelatin and lemon juice.  Put it in mason jars and let it cool to room temp then put in the fridge.

 I’ve done Fresh Cherries with Wild Cherry jello and it’s stupendous.
I’ve done Peach without any flavoring and it was so-so.
I’ve done blueberry with Salted Caramel Torina’s syrup and it’s super good too.

You can use fresh or frozen fruit.  If the fruit doesn't break down to a nice consistency, you can use a potato masher, stick blender or pastry blender to break it up a little. Didn’t have to do it with blueberry, but did with fresh cherries and peaches.

Keep refrigerated unless you want to process it and can it.  I haven't tried putting it up in the freezer, but that little experiment is next!  I'll try to add some pictures later.

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